Best Mortgage Rate Calculator in NZ Auckland and Mount Wellington

  • Okay, your house is your home. It’s where you build your memories, raise your children, have happy (and sad) times. A mansion or a flat doesn’t matter – it’s yours.
  • At least, it will be when you pay off your mortgage.
  • And with your current loan, chances are that will take a long time and cost a fortune.
  • But if you could pay off your mortgage 10 years earlier and only be paying each month what you are now would that save you money? You bet it would.
  • We can show you how to pay off your mortgage faster by rearranging your mortgage to your advantage, using only approved lenders (which probably includes the bank that holds your mortgage right now) but without all that “increased frequency” or “higher monthly payment” nonsense. And paying off your mortgage earlier is really important because, if you don’t, you will have paid almost as much in interest as the amount you first borrowed.
  • Don't believe us? Here is the Sorted calculator which will give you an idea of what you will pay in interest.

A quick disclaimer here:

This calculator is to be used as an indication only. Your personal situation may have conditions that cannot be taken into account. To ensure you have the correct information you should contact a reputable professional adviser!