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Insurance is not the first thing most people think about when they wake up in the morning!

  • Life is busy. Filled with plans, schemes and dreams. Until it suddenly goes seriously wrong and those hopes and dreams fly out the window.
  • But you planned ahead! And now you remember why, all that time ago, you realised that insurance was important!
  • Because your insurance is now there to remove the financial strain, help you recover, make changes in your life, pay your mortgage and put food on the table for your family.
  • And, maybe, even to start dreaming again.
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Insurance is too damn complicated!

  • Sure can be.
  • So let's cut through all that and put it in simple terms.
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  • They tell us that: our home will be the biggest ASSET we will ever have!
  • But they never tell us that:our home will be the biggest LIABILITY we will ever have!
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Kiwi saver


  • KiwiSaver? Saving for retirement, blah blah blah! I put money in and I get it when I retire. Simple. Right? Well..........KiwiSaver is simple but ........ ....there are ways of making sure you get the best out of it.
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Why Choose Us

Bold Insurance is not the biggest Broker around. And this is quite deliberate. In fact, we refer to ourselves as ‘boutique’.

Here’s why:

  • We limit the number of clients we serve. In this way we get to know you and can provide you with advice and service that is personalised for you. We believe that each of our clients deserves to get the best, individual treatment we can offer. To us you are not just another number.
  • When you need to make a claim or have any questions you speak directly to the person who put your policy together. This means they already know you, what your policy is and can provide you with the right answers and advice.
  • We also limit the Insurance companies that we deal with. We have chosen only those that offer the best terms, the best cover and the best premium rates. After all, why would we offer you anything but the best and the most cost effective?
  • We are fiercely independent. Our commitment is to you. Our only concern is that you get the best cover possible. We don’t work for the insurance company. We work for you.



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